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Mill Valley Whole-House Renovation and Addition

As an architectural designer in the restaurant & hospitality space, I had been dreaming of finding that diamond in the rough, the discarded gem of a house, to transform into our family home. Finding the property was just the beginning. The 1958 rustic, mid-century modern was in terrible condition, sagging, rotting and suffering from years of neglect. Having a vision, and having completed 30+ major projects, I knew exactly what I needed in a builder and how strong my relationship with Allen and his skilled and devoted team would need to be.

Larkspur Building Co. delivered in every way. From the first day to the last day, the Larkspur Building Co. was dedicated to this project. Allen and his team embraced the precise design ideals, the perfect imperfections, and patiently restored the existing structure—all while expanding the size of the home to fit our family and support a modern lifestyle.

As the project’s designer/architect and owner, I knew I was putting the Larkspur Building Co. in very challenging and potentially tenuous situations while navigating design considerations, budget and schedule. Allen brought his unwavering authenticity, patience, honesty, and open-mindedness to every meeting. He always put me, the client, and the house first.

Larkspur Building Co. strictly adhered to industry best practices, demanded an incredibly clean and safe workplace, never took a short-cut, maintained great relationships with the local building officials and formed meaningful and respectful relationships with our neighbors.

Lastly, Larkspur Building Co. is best in class. They are easily one of the best homebuilders in Marin. Allen is highly educated, a lifelong learner and an all-around brilliant person. He is tireless and is a perfectionist. The members of his team are all incredibly hardworking and trustworthy craftsmen. They are all inspired and driven to do the best work possible . . . every day.

If I could do it all over, I would not change a thing.

Tim Dixon
Mill Valley, CA


Sausalito Structural Renovation and Addition

In its 7th year, we discovered that our otherwise wonderful house in Sausalito had a waterproofing problem. One leaky window led to the discovery that we needed to replace a  2-story wall the full length of the house, and rebuild the front entrance and its drainage.

We needed a special kind of builder because we didn’t start out knowing the scope of the problem, we had to document the problems for a claim against the original builder’s insurance, and we wanted to keep living in the house, if possible, while all this was happening. We chose Allen and his team at Larkspur Building Company, over other well-qualified builders, because we felt that they would be a better match for our situation. 

And we were right- they turned out to be great partners in the year-long process that followed. They showed up every morning with a smile, and we worked things out together. We found and fixed the problems, and improved the house in several ways- making the main deck much nicer, adding a new side deck and stairs that made the property ‘live better’ with access to the street below, and upgrading materials in some cases.

We’ve now lived more years with these improvements than without, and had zero issues since. We recommend Allen and his team highly- they are professional, responsible, and a pleasure to work with.


Colleen & Hunter Hancock

Sausalito, CA

Tiburon Whole-House Renovation

We have had the good fortune of working with the Larkspur Building Company on two homes and several home projects over the last decade. We have redesigned and rebuilt entire floor plans, renovated kitchens and constructed new outdoor decks, as well as a number of other projects – all with the Larkspur Building Company. We can say without reservation that their work has always been performed to the absolute highest standards.


The company prepares for every project with thorough and thoughtful planning and is available throughout the process to answer questions or address any concerns. The various crews (carpenters, sub-contractors, etc.) from the Larkspur Building Company have been extremely knowledgeable and hard-working. I 100% recommend the Larkspur Building Company to anyone looking for a high quality, honest, and reliable general contractor.


D. Lee

Tiburon, CA

Larkspur Kitchen Remodel

My husband and I hired Larkspur Building Company to completely remodel our kitchen.  I must say that the quality of construction was and continues to be over the top.  It turned out perfectly.  Their attention to detail was excellent.  The billings were fair, they were on time and we were very impressed with their reliability.  We would highly recommend Larkspur Building Company. 


Thank you, 

Tina McArthur

Larkspur, CA

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